Ohio, United States

Graphic Designer | Photographer


Jane Curl Hair Products


Hair Identity System

A re-brand project. The goal was to pick a brand and make it "better". I chose the hair product brand called Jane Carter Solutions and re-branded the idea of the brand and called it Jane Curls.

Nourish, restore, hydrate and style are for the three different hair care lines to help consumers find the right product for their hair.  My goal was to create a new brand with simplistic patterns for the different hair types and textures to help consumers identify the brand and what the brand is about more clearly..  


Mobile App

I designed a mobile layout of the  products, hair identity and a preview of how tools and accessories for products looks like in the brand.  



This idea of a website layout will direct the viewer to some hair products once they go through various questions and options to click through to figure out their hair type. 

College Project

Hopscotch App Layout


The objective of this project was to take a physical game and make it into a mobile app game. I chose the game Hopscotch. 

Game Rules


The first three app layout of HopScotch app is designed to explain how the player should use their fingers in the fast paced game. Layout also illustrates that there are two game boosters: the turtle and star. If user clicks on the turtle it will slow down the tiles, and if the user clicks on the star it will add points to the score.

Game Levels & More


These three screen layouts show the HopScotch game levels, game screen and lastly the end game screen where a player can enter in their name for score keep.